Solo Trip: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to take a solo trip but I have been too scared to actually do so. Whenever I think of traveling alone, I think of the worst possible thing that could happen. I was scared I would get kidnapped or worst even killed. But I kept seeing more and more women take solo trips so I decided to take my own solo trip.

Most of the solo trips I saw were of people traveling outside of the country. I wasn’t quite to travel out of the country so I planned a solo trip to a different state.

I bought a flight to the cheapest airportI could think of, and that to Las Vegas. But I did not want to party because for me partying in Vegas is really something I reserve for my friends. LOL

Las Vegas Sign

Not knocking solo partying, but it for sure is not for me.

I looked for things around Vegas that I could do and I found The Grand Canyon. It was perfect because this year, 2019, is the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon being a National Park.

I could have driven from Vegas to Arizona and hiked up alone but instead I decided to go with a tour company. I am not really into tour companies but I decided to use this opportunity to try using a tour company.

I looked at a few travel companies and the one decided to go with was GC Tours . GC Tours is a small travel company in Las Vegas that takes tours to various locations like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Hoover Dam and Zion and Bryce Canyons.

I took a tour of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and it was a total of $115. There is a $10 deposit when you buy your trip online and then you make the rest of the payment on the day of the tour.

The price of your tour includes lunch from a restaurant on Route 66. While on the tour you make various stops along the way like the Las Vegas sign, Hoover Dam, Route 66, and of course the Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam

During the tour, you have a tour guide/driver who is telling you about the history of the locations you are visiting. It was nice to have some background history of the locations but it was also easy to be able to tune out of the history lessons and just enjoy the views.

Overall, GC Tours was one of the cheaper Grand Canyon tours I found and a quick way to visit the National Park in one day.

Grand Canyon

If you are not interested in paying for a tour, you can always rent a car and drive from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon. Flying into the Las Vegas Airport or other Neighboring Airports are a lot cheaper often times, than flying into The Grand Canyon National Airport. If you are driving from Las Vegas you can follow the following Itinerary.

Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon Itinerary

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Stop by the welcome to Las Vegas sign and take some pictures. The sign was a lot smaller in person.

Hover Dam

The Hover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was constructed in the 1930s on the border of Nevada and Arizona to help with power, flood control and water shortage.

A Stop on Route 66

Route 66 is one of the original US highway systems that was constructed in the 1920s. The highway runs through the following states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Grand Canyon National Park-South Rim

The Grand Canyon is a US National Park made up of a canyon that was formed by the Colorado river. It became a National Park in 1919 and 2019 is their Centennial year.

Stop by a Restaurant on Route 66 or around the South Rim.

Below are a few high rated restaurants around the South Rim.

Mr D’z Route 66 Diner
South Rims Wine & Beer Garage
Red Raven Restaurant
El Tovar Lodge Dining Room
Bright Angel Bicycles and Cafe


If you are planning on spending the night in Las Vegas there are a few cheap options. I found 3 hostels in the Las Vegas area. Each hostel is $40 or lower per night. Staying in a hostel is also a great way to meet people especially when you are traveling alone.

Las Vegas Hostels

Sin City Hostel

Hostel Cat

After doing this solo trip I definitely think I want to take more solo trips and for my next trip, I want to do it without the traveling company. The tour company made me feel a bit more relaxed. So if you are still unsure about taking a solo trip, I hope this blog posts motivates you to do it.

The Grand Canyon

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